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Jackden on Egyptian television headlines

Recently, time reported Jack sewing machine nearly 20 minutes of Egypt local TV news headlines, high performance, high quality and high value of Yan Jack machine shine, attracting countless users eyes.


The ninth Jack cup finance and tax knowledge of the perfect ending

November 25th, by the State Administration of Taxation, the Inland Revenue Department and the Inland Revenue Department of the Jack cup, the city of Finance and taxation in the city of the sea, the successful conclusion of the ninth.


Jack finalists Province three project pilot enterprises

Recently, the general office of the provincial government announced the third batch of the province, the three pilot list of pilot enterprises, Jack list, the whole of Taizhou only 4!


India people love Jack direct drive energy-saving machine

In December 2nd, Jack held a roadshow in India, despite the recent India market by the abolition of old, a form of economic downturn, but the roadshow is still hot.


Committee visited the investigation of Jack

December 6th afternoon, the Taizhou Municipal Committee, organization minister, Cai Yongbo, Secretary of the municipal Party committee,


Jack 2016 annual national dealer conference held

On December 12th -14 Jack, the 2016 annual national dealer meeting in the grand opening of the overseas Chinese hotel, nearly 200 dealers family grand event.